The Entrepreneurship Center (TEC)

 Entrepreneurship Center Overview

The Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) combines private, public and nonprofit sector resources to foster entrepreneurship. Launched in Atlanta in October 2004, TEC was designed to create alliances and marshal resources to better address the problem of inadequate minority business development in traditionally underserved or distressed communities. By increasing the number of successful and sustainable minority and urban businesses, the TEC fosters wealth creation, job creation and the economic health of minority and urban core communities.  The primary goal of the programs at the TEC will be to assist the aspiring and existing entrepreneur with the understanding and Development of a Business Plan. 

Program Description

The participants of this program will receive their business education via four primary methods. The training methods employed are;

  • Start-up Business Essentials Series for Entrepreneurs
  • Existing Business Series – Writing The Business Plan:  Core 4 Systems
  • Specialized Workshops-Will focus on specific topics (i.e. QuickBooks, Websites, Insurance, Access to Capital, etc)
  • Group or One on One Coaching – Experienced Business Consultants will meet one on one with participants to coach you with the development of your business plan. 

Entrepreneur Workshop Series Description

Get a FAST START for your business by learning the business essentials, creating your business plan, and how to capitalize your business. The following workshop series will help you focus on developing your business plan.  The workshops series will alternate monthly for Start-up and Existing Businesses. Special Topic workshops will be held through-out each month for participants to take while waiting for the next series to begin. 

The workshops will be held in the evenings from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm during the week. There will also be all day Saturday workshops scheduled once per month on the 1st Saturday of the month.

Start-up Business Essentials Series for Entrepreneurs

This 6 session series will help you to understand the basic business essentials for starting your business.  

 Prerequisite: An idea/product/service that  you are currently working

  • Session 1 - Planning For Your Success 
  • Session 2 - Organizing Your Start-up 
  • Session 3 - Marketing Research and Venture Feasibility 
  • Session 4 - Accounting and Tax Essentials   
  • Session 5 - Understanding Your Financials 
  • Session 6 - Writing the Business Plan 

Existing Business Series – Writing the Business Plan: 

 Prerequisite: An existing business and/or a basic business plan

This series is designed to help you develop your Business Plan. It utilizes the Core 4 Business Plan Course 

  • Sessions (1-2) - Success Planning
  • Sessions (3-4) - Marketing Planning
  • Sessions (5-6) - Cash Flow Planning 
  • Sessions (7-8) - Operations Planning 

Special Topic Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Managing Your Business for Profit and Growth

Join us for a series of special topics where business owners and subject matter experts share their knowledge and experience in important operational areas and supports for your business. 

  • Business Plan Research – How to do research for your business plan
  • Financial Literacy – Learn about financial literacy and working with a bank
  • Insurance for Your Business – Understanding the insurance needs for your business
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping – An overview on the best practices for accounting and bookkeeping for your business.
  • Business Certifications  - Learn about business certifications (MBE, WBE, etc) and how to use them to get contacts with State, Local and the Federal Government. 
  • The Internet & Social Media - Learn how to use the Internet and Social Media (Face book, Twitter, etc) to market your business 
  • Human Resource Issues – Learn about how to implement a solid Human Resource plan that will protect your business and employees. 
  • Establishing and Funding a Non-Profit – Learn the basics about starting and running a non-profit in Georgia.

 Enrollment Process

You must enroll in the program to attend any workshop series. Enrollment is not required but recommended to attend any Special Topics Workshops. 

  • STEP 1- Register as a participant on the TEC website. –  CLICK HERE TO REGISTRER ONLINE TODAY and fill out the application.
  • STEP 2 – Depending on your business status you will be contacted to schedule a coaching session or program orientation.
  • STEP 3- Start Attending Workshops!

 Participant Investment

There will be a limited of Scholarships available and will be given on an as needed basis. We understand that these are economically challenging times and have developed a program that will provide the best education at a minimal cost. If you cannot pay the program fees please let us know and we will work with you to make sure you get this very important training.

Orientation -  No Charge

  • Start-up Business Essentials Series for Entrepreneurs - $57 (6 sessions)
  • Existing Business Series – Business Plan Development:  Core 4 Systems - $147 (8 sessions, including manual)
  • Business Coaching  - Free (30 min to 1 hour sessions)
  • Special Topic Workshops for Entrepreneurs – No Charge 

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